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Applications Engineering Ltd specialises in the supply of control and instrumentation products, including pressure switches, sensors and pressure transducers, flow switches and flow sensors, level switches and level sensors, and temperature switches and temperature sensors. We also offer the innovative JetCleaner hose and pipe cleaning system.

Our Product Range

Pressure & Vacuum
We can offer a wide range of pressure switches, vacuum switches and pressure transducers. We can supply many different ranges from various manufacturers offering an incredible variety of options (including ATEX versions) ensuring that we can cater for almost any requirement. With so many options available you may require some advice so please do call as we are always happy to help you make the right choice. View products


Level Switches and Sensors
Level switches and sensors are a critical part of any process controlled application, where single or multiple fluid levels need to be determined. We are leading suppliers of a wide range of level switches and sensors, that are available in a range of materials (plastic, stainless steel, alloy) and for a vast number of engineering applications. Level switches and sensors may have various mounting options or float options, with different electrical. View products


Flow Switches and Sensors
Flow switches and sensors are at the heart of many industrial operational installations. Able to reliably and effectively measure both conductive and non-conductive fluids as well as gases, they can constitute a key component of your predictive maintenance strategy. Used to initiate, for example, alarm sequences, automatic shutdown procedures and fire sprinkler valve systems, they are often specified for rotating equipment, chemical processing, machine tools, robotics applications and semiconductor equipment. View products


Fire Sprinkler Valve Systems
Applications Engineering have developed innovative, compact and easy to install fire sprinkler valve systems that cover all the requirements of a modern domestic and residential property and offers exceptional value for money. Contact our friendly professional team today to discuss your project needs and ask for our expert advice and guidance regarding any product in our product range. We are proud of our excellent customer satisfaction record and can offer next. View products


Temperature Switches and Sensors
Temperature Switches and Sensors
We stock and supply a wide range of temperature switches, which can be used to ensure the temperature of a machine or an individual component remains within certain parameters. Our temperature sensors can be used to measure the temperature of machine components, a vital part of the way many industrial processes work and an important way to monitor the safety and efficiency in a system. View products


The JetCleaner system is an efficient hose cleaning system which is designed to remove loose particles and other unwanted deposits from the inside of pipes or hoses. The system uses cleaning tools and projectiles, which are fitted to a cleaning gun or permanent cleaning unit, these are pushed through the hose or pipe removing debris as they travel. View products


Solenoid Valves
solenoid valve
We have a range of solenoid valves from general purpose standard sizes to miniature valves suitable for medical applications and cryogenics. Our standard general purpose ranges are available in direct acting or servo- assisted options with various connections and coils. Our miniature ranges offer a myriad of choices for use in many types of industries including medical and laboratory equipment, semiconductor manufacture, automotive, printing and food processing. View products


ATEX Certified Products
ATEX Certified Products
Applications Engineering are suppliers of ATEX certified products, including pressure switches and transducers, level and flow switches and also custom made level and temperature switches and sensors. The ATEX mark signifies that equipment is suitable for use in hazardous environments with a potentially explosive atmosphere, so you can be assured that the products you buy from us are completely safe and have undergone rigorous testing and carry the necessary ATEX. View products


Ancillary Products
Ancillary Products
We can supply a number of ancillary parts including electrical connectors and cables, rubber boots and covers for pressure switches and also indicators for use with our range of pressure and temperature transducers. View products


Custom Designed Level Switches
Custom Designed Level Switches
If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in Applications Engineering’s extensive range of level switches, we can also provide a range of custom design level switches which will match your requirements precisely. You choose whether the switch is made of plastic or metal, and the mounting and float options are up to you too, meaning you get the exact level switch you’re looking for so your project will. View products


Paddle Wheel Flow Sensors
The Gems Sensors RotorFlow paddle wheel flow sensors feature a bright orange rotor which is easily visible for manual checking of flow and this is combined with electronics which offer a highly accurate output based on a Hall-Effect sensor.   The RFO offers a square wave pulsed output while the RFA extends the package to offer a 0-10V output, both types are available in either polypropylene, brass or stainless steel construction. View products
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