19” Cabinets, Racks and Enclosures by All-Rack

by Laura

All-Rack range of products has been produced in our ISO 9001 quality controlled produced facility

All-rack Cabinets have steel frame chassis offering strength and stability at the same time as looking good!


Due to the vast range available All-Rack cabinets will fit your budget requirements


All-rack floor Cabinets are available in a flat pack form if required, Wall cabinets with depths of 550mm and 600mm are also available in this format. Assembled format is assumed unless specifically requested.

Shelves, PDU’S, cage Nuts, Castors (shipping and heavy duty), adjustable feet, Fan Trays, Cable trays, baying kits, earth bonding kits, plinths and a vast range of cable management.


To discuss your next project and to choose the best equipment, call us 01254 231400


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