250SP Grinder and Polisher in one

by admin

After its successful launch into the hire market earlier this year, The Preparation Group’s 250SP Grinder has proven to be a popular choice with contractors for surface and floor refurbishment projects. The compact design and steel construction provides a powerful combination, plus durability. With quick change accessories, you can easily remove adhesives, coatings and concrete laitance, and it doesn’t end there. The 250SP also polishes concrete, cementitious screeds, decorative resin systems and terrazzo to a high gloss finish. By removing a section of the dust skirt, it is equipped to work right up to vertical edges eliminating the need for additional tools. Used with dust extraction it offers a clean, safe operation, whilst polishing wet provides quick results and extended diamond life. It features a spirit level to ensure a flat, uniform application. The handle adjusts for operator comfort and folds down for compact transportation and storage.

Says Ian Hebblewhite, Specialist Finishes Manager; ‘Our R&D department has been working on a new range of equipment with simplicity at the forefront. A complete multi-tasker, the 250SP has a wide range of interchangeable diamonds to complete the job from start to finish. It’s easy to use and high performance.’

Continues Ian; ’We have recently introduced QR codes onto our complete range of equipment including the 250SP Grinder which, when scanned with a mobile phone, take the operator directly to clear video instructions of the starting procedure, changing components and fitting accessories. Forming part of the company’s mission to provide easy to use, practical equipment, the QR codes also save contractors both time and money. There’s no more having to seek out the key information, it’s now there instantly. One of the many solutions from our one stop shop – professional products that contractors can rely on.’’

The 250SP is available NOW to buy or hire. Call 01522 561460 for more information or a demo.


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