Making technical roof surveys work for you

by Jake

COST CERTAINTY AND CLIENT SAVINGS: How to deliver both on flat roof refurbishment projects

When maintaining or upgrading buildings, all building owners are constantly trying to make the smartest investment, this presents the challenge of delivering predictable project costs and providing precise technical data to enable the correct decision to be made.

Establishing water ingress
Clear identification of the extent of water ingress in an existing roof system through a moisture mapping survey is certainly the most reliable method of detection. This scientific form of technical roof diagnostics verifies and plots the dry and moisture impeded areas of a roof so that its true condition is established, removing the situation of conflicting opinions.

Clearly, other survey services have their place as well, including a traditional visual appraisal and localised core samples taken of the existing system construction; though add to this a moisture map analysis and the results surpass all other combinations of survey information.

Moisture mapping

This unique scientific survey, carried out by Bauder as part of it’s specification package, utilises a moisture mapping gauge to take measurements, performed in a two-metre grid pattern, that are plotted on a scaled drawing of the roof. The readings create a histogram and the values are charted in a visual report, like a topographical survey but for water levels instead of land mass. This clarifies which areas are showing high levels of moisture that will require removal and new insulation put back, and the dry areas that can be overlaid.

Moisture mapping is suited for all roof structures, particularly those with multiple layers of insulation and previous waterproofing systems. The gauge will also detect moisture within certain decks or supporting structure in uninsulated roof situations.

The report allows you to justify costs as unnecessary works are eliminated because remedial work will only be carried out on essential areas.

Commissioning a moisture map

Clearly, this form of survey and interpretation of the data is carried out by a specialist, though this doesn’t mean that huge costs are incurred, in fact, quite the opposite if you use Bauder.

Bauder provides this survey as part of its without charge package to clients in the refurbishment sector, offering diagnostic methods to generate specific data on a roof’s actual condition and create a comprehensive survey package and specification for you.

A Bauder report is comprehensive and normally encompasses:

  • The deck construction and existing roof coverings.
  • Thermal performance appraisal and requirement for upgrade in line with Building Regulations.
  • Fittingness of the falls and drainage and recommendations for any improvement needed to meet BS 6229:2018
  • Upstands and details, with identification of any that are constructed with combustible materials.
  • Rooflights appraisal and rationale for any replacement.
  • Location of plant and rooftop equipment.
  • Associated works where required.

The survey report then concludes with a roof system proposal based on your requirements and budget, conforming to current regulations and industry best practice. This report can be in a specific format or for an explicit reason, such as to meet funding criteria.

The real benefit is being able to provide a report that includes the data gained from the moisture mapping survey proving the extent of the works required and proposals for waterproofing options with enhanced cost data at an early stage. In this way you are assured you are making investment decisions based on fact rather than on subjective opinions.

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