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Alimak Hek, world leaders in the design and manufacture of rack & pinion driven access lifts, construction hoists and mast climbing work platforms, have been in business for nearly 70 years.  Their unique knowledge in producing modular lifting systems, continues to offer an efficient solution to the vertical transportation of passengers and materials.

Industrial Lifts

The Alimak Hek rack & pinion heavy duty lift drive system, lends itself perfectly to the harsh environments and operating conditions found in Industrial applications. Alimak’s primary exposure to Industrial facilities includes the offshore sector, power stations, cement plants, refineries, mines, bridges and ports, however, they have also provided equipment for papermills, transmission masts, chemical plants, tunnels and for warehousing & distribution facilities.

Specialist Lifts

The rack & pinion drive system can also be used for a multitude of specialist applications, including heavy capacity goods & vehicle lifts, specialist external panoramic lifts, explosion protected lifts, temporary disabled lifts and rear, side & multi-angle inclined lifts.

Construction Hoists

Typical Cement Plant Lift

The Alimak Hek construction division have recently secured 5 high rise projects in the Canary Wharf area of London, using their modular access system. A mixture of conventional & high-speed hoists have been provided for these projects, which have capacities up to 3200kg, travel speeds up to 100m/min and floor areas up to 9.20m².

In addition to these conventional & high-speed hoists, Alimak Hek have developed a twin masted “Mammoth” hoist, with a capacity of 5500kg and floor area of 15.0m². The Mammoth has been designed to enable the contractor to deliver large/heavy glazing & cladding units in bulk and fully manufactured toilet & kitchen POD’s, to vastly reduce materials handling and final fit out periods.

Typical Power Station Lift

To minimise site space requirements on site and to better utilise support structures Alimak Hek have developed the “Triplex” hoist access system. The “Triplex” enables two standard hoists and one “Mammoth” to be installed with only two mast columns, which reduces transport costs and installation periods, to give the contractor cost, programme and space savings. The “Triplex” currently in operation has a combined capacity of 10,800kg and a floor area of 32.50m².

A total of 18 conventional & high-speed hoists will be supplied, as well as 6 “Mammoth’s”, with units in operation until late 2020. With the diverse design of building structures, the flexibility of the Alimak Hek hoist access system will enable these complex construction projects to be fulfilled more safely, efficiently and easily, offering the contractors cost and programme reductions.

For further information please contact Maria Shaw, Alimak: telephone +44 1933 354700, email or

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