All-in-one CCTV cameras for interior and exterior applications

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With their versatile and innovative features, the latest high-resolution all-in-one CCTV cameras from Siemens cover the full spectrum of security applications. Available are an indoor model, two indoor/outdoor models ready-fitted in IP66 heated enclosures, and an IP66 fixed-dome vandal-resistant model.

The new cameras are fast and easy to install and set up. They offer automatic day/night operation with wide dynamic range (WDR) technology that allows them to capture clear images even in difficult lighting conditions. In addition, the cameras feature an integrated twisted-pair transmitter module to facilitate network connection.

To provide maximum flexibility and to ensure suitability for use in even the most demanding applications, the top model in the range incorporates the unique Siemens infrared/white light illumination system. When the camera is operating in low light conditions, infrared mode makes it possible to illuminate the scene without attracting attention, while switching to the white-light mode warns targets that they have been detected. This is often sufficient to deter them from nefarious activity and also provides sufficient light for the camera to record color images.

Siemens all-in-one cameras are supplied with the lens already fitted and adjusted, which significantly reduces the time needed for installation. For indoor/outdoor models, pre-fitted mounting brackets and sunshields facilitate installation even further. The handy remote control accessory supplied with all models provides fast and convenient access to all camera settings. Features such as optional backlight compensation, 2D/3D noise reduction and a resolution of 560 TV lines or more ensure that the cameras deliver clear and detailed images even in difficult conditions.

All models feature a high-quality 22x autofocus zoom lens which allows the field of view to be adjusted from wide area to pin-point coverage. Also common to all models is a sophisticated movement detection system with integrated face detection, which enables the cameras to reliably discriminate between human and non-human targets, and an alarm input. When the alarm input is activated, the zoom lens immediately moves to one of ten preset positions, thereby ensuring reliable identification of the alarm source.

The four CCTV cameras offered by the Security Products business segment complement the access control and intruder detection systems from Siemens, creating a comprehensive product portfolio for CCTV applications.

For further information please contact:  Sam Lord, Security Products for Siemens, T:  01291 437920; E:

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