ARMSTRONG Commercial Laundry Systems

by Jennifer Hamlin


Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems has been in the business of supplying and supporting top quality laundry equipment to numerous commercial sectors including hotels, care homes, educational establishments, launderettes and laundries for well over 100 years.  Still a family business, Armstrong prides itself on its understanding of customers’ problems and integrity in dealing with customers and suppliers.

Selecting the right equipment for any installation is paramount to its ultimate efficiency and productivity. Armstrong will advise on exactly the right mix of machines for any given unit, selecting from the world’s leading manufacturers, chosen for their quality, reliability and ease of servicing. Armstrong then carries out the installation and commissioning of the equipment to ensure that everything is done correctly. Armstrong has a unique mix of directly employed service engineers and an approved network of dealers covering the whole of the UK and Ireland to ensure laundry equipment disruptions in the event of breakdowns are minimised.  Most service calls will be attended to the same day.

Armstrong offer a range of financial packages designed to help operators to budget for essential maintenance and repairs.  These include highly competitive leasing schemes and the company’s own fixed price rental scheme.  Apart from obviously conserving capital this ensures that outgoings are known, fixed and inflation proofed for the period of the scheme and there are no charges during the term of the agreement for machine maintenance, parts or labour.

As part of a major refurbishment by Islington Borough Council of the Ironmonger Row Baths, a launderette has been installed, equipped by Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems.  The baths, originally built in 1931, always included a laundry for public use and so, for historical reasons and to maintain this valuable service for local residents, it was decided to carry this on while also providing a facility to handle the substantial amount of laundry generated by the various facilities within the site.

Sarah Matson, operations manager at Ironmonger Row Baths, told us, “The launderette is in constant use with the laundry we generate and the members of the public who use it.  We have been very pleased with the equipment and the service we have had from Armstrong and overall the unit is a very valuable part of our very popular and busy site”.

For further information contact Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems, Ampere Road, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2AE   Tel: 01635 263410 E:   Website

The recently refurbished laundry at the Ironmonger Row Baths where Armstrong installed six Primus washer extractors, six Speed Queen tumble dryers and two Primus ironers.

An Amazon HSF11 capacity washer, part of a new installation at the Llanerch Vineyard Hotel in the Vale of Glamorgan.  Ryan Davies, the owner, praised both the advice he received from Armstrong and the equipment which he said is ‘fantastic’.  

The on-site launderette at Wick’s Farm, a 5-star caravan park in West Wittering, which has been re-equipped by Armstrong for the second time with three Speed Queen heavy duty washers and matching Speed Queen tumble dryers.

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