Bruynzeel and Masterlight launch energy-saving LED light for archives

by Laura

Bruynzeel and Masterlight launch energy-saving LED light for archives

Bruynzeel Storage Systems and Masterlight have joined forces to develop a sustainable LED light for archive and museum storage spaces.

The two companies, both based in Panningen, Netherlands, are committed to sustainable, energy-saving product solutions. The result of their collaboration is an LED light that allows organisations to achieve up to 98% lower power consumption on their lighting – a result that will have a major impact on energy costs and carbon emissions of a company.

Bruynzeel Storage Systems has been a long-time player in reducing energy bills for its clients. Aisle lighting fitted to its mobile storage systems switches off automatically when the aisle is closed, minimising the length of time the working area is illuminated, thereby reducing energy consumption.

However, “until recently we were using conventional fluorescent lighting,” said Roland van der Velden, Innovation and Development Manager at Bruynzeel Storage Systems. “We felt that the time had come to develop a sustainable alternative.” Bruynzeel selected Masterlight as a partner to develop an LED lighting system for its mobile shelving systems, with the condition that the cost for clients should be affordable.

Significant energy savings and long life

Barry Janssen, Product Manager at Masterlight explains: “We looked at the development of an LED lighting fixture for Bruynzeel Storage Systems that provides considerable energy savings and ensures a long life. In addition, there is also cost savings on maintenance and replacement.” Aluminium was chosen as the housing for the LED lighting fixture, to protect the light from excessive heating and cooling, which is very important for long life, and because it is lightweight for easy installation.

Masterlight added a diffuser to allow a wide and even light distribution and the fixtures are supplied with a “Plug & Play” system for easy and quick installation. “The result is two lighting fixtures of different lengths with a consumption of 18 and 29 watts respectively. Another advantage of LED lighting is that, unlike fluorescent lighting, it emits no UV light. This is very important asset for museums, to protect delicate objects from potential damage by UV,” said Barry Janssen.

Sustainable alternative to conventional fluorescent lighting

Research for the UK’s Green Construction Board initiative Switch the Lights found that lighting accounts for 53% of carbon emissions and 90% of overall energy costs in the retail sector. In allied sectors, including manufacturing and logistics, lighting can account for up to 70% of an organisation’s total energy consumption.

LED development continues

The LED lighting currently offered by Bruynzeel is for installation on mobile shelving, which is designed primarily for use in archive storage. The lights extinguish when the aisle is closed, thereby delivering even greater energy efficiency and cost savings. Bruynzeel and Masterlight are currently working on an LED design solution for its office and library products, where lights are continuously illuminated. Thanks to the improved flexibility for directional lighting and energy conservation of LED over conventional lighting, the two companies are eager to bring these new lighting solutions to market as soon as possible. Watch this space!

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