Capture the TrueScale of nature in your kitchen

by Laura

Surfaces formed of natural materials like stones, granites and woods are gaining popularity in kitchen trend guides as the ideal worktops. TrueScale by Formica Group captures the subtle variations and patterns found in natural materials but eliminates the high cost of sourcing and maintaining the genuine article.

Ideal for creating statement pieces, TrueScale provides the necessary sizing to bring your kitchen design concepts to life. The decors do not repeat across the full width of the laminate sheet so patterns can be unveiled in their full beauty. For authenticity, the decors are taken from real life examples.

Available in 28 decors, TrueScale laminate gives you the authentic look of premium material such as marble, wood, granite, quartz, concrete and metal, while being lightweight, hygienic and stain resistant. Bringing the look and feel of the outdoors into your home, TrueScale provides a surfacing solution that is readily available, hard wearing and easy to install.

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