CCWS Interiors joins forces with Movember Foundation for New HQ Design + Refit

by Georgie Baxter

It’s that time of year again when the iconic Movember charity campaign comes into full force, delivering the message about men’s health to the masses. When looking to redesign its London head office, the global men’s health charity, Movember Foundation appointed CCWS Interiors to undertake the design and refurbishment. Having transformed the same space back in 2016, CCWS was awarded the project for the second time running.Located in the creative district of Farringdon, nestled amongst art galleries and buzzing eateries and bars, the 6,000 sq ft space is the ‘beating heart’ of this world-renowned charity; a hub for the Movember workforce to collaborate, initiate and implement its objective to bring men’s health to the forefront of the public conversation. Headed up by CCWS Interiors’ David Keane and Amy Elliott, the design-and-build duo was tasked to transform the open-plan office into an inspirational environment that reflected the ethos and brand identity of the organisation.

The brief was set to upgrade the office design and create an environment that better matched the people, brand and culture behind Movember. Providing a base for both local and visiting international teams, the newly-configured office needed to easily ‘expand-and-contract’ as required during busy campaign periods. Over a six-week period, CCWS delivered flexible workspaces, hot desks and hot-booth-meeting areas to encourage collaboration and introduce both formal and flexible productivity areas. The traditional concept of ‘one desk, one employee’ was thrown out in favour of this interactive co-working model, whilst also catering to introspective work styles with semi-enclosed booths. When looking to the interior aesthetics, the refit was characterised by industrial design elements, seen in the use of rustic wood cladding and exposed metal fixtures, alongside playful detailing throughout and the company’s signature ‘moustache’ symbol displayed with pride. As with all of CCWS Interiors’ projects, it’s all about the attention to detail. When adding the final touches to the Movember office design, David and Amy collaborated with the Movember team to introduce some famous moustache owners to the office décor; fancy a catch up in the Chaplin, Mercury or Einstein room?

In order to deliver an office space that reflected and supported the underlying culture of Movember, CCWS Interiors readily embraced the identity behind the not-for-profit organisation. Having worked with CCWS Interiors on its previous refurbishment, the Movember Foundation team was confident in the knowledge that the company could supply the perfect office to satisfy and exceed its brief.

Desginer: CCWS Interiors – David Keane and Amy Elliott 
Photography: Thierry Cardineau 
Project: The Movember Foundation, Not-for-Profit Organisation
Location: Farringdon, London 
Size: 6,000 sq ft

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