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A cheaper alternative to Supalux, Masterboard Glasroc

-1 hour and 2 hour rated 

Enviroboards ranges of fireboards are compositeboards that are designed to carry the combined properties of wood based panels and those made of gypsum, cement based and calcium compounds. Made from magnesium originating from basic magnesium chloride and oxide providing a strongbonding and crushing strength that acts in the same manner as concrete. Plant fibres comprising of saw dust are incorporated together with fibre cloth to offer added tensile strength, absolutely no chemicals are used in the production of the boards.

Unlike gypsum based boards that produce greenhouse gasses in their production, enviroboards are naturally dried and cure deliminating the power intensive drying process needed for gypsum products. Offering a wide range of applications in the building and construction industry they are able to replace timber and fire rated panels made from othe rmineral compounds and composite materials.


Complies with “The Dorset Model”

Enviroboards are fully compliant with “The Dorset Model” and offer a 90 minute fire barrier to new build and extensions to Thatched properties.

Eco & Environmentally friendly

They are environmentally friendly as they are nontoxic, odourless and do not create secondary pollution. They are 100% toluene, formaldehyde and asbestos free.

Chemical Resistance

They are resistant to acid, alkali, bleaching agents, chlorine solution and solvent in addition to most other chemicals.

Thermal Resistance

They possess excellent thermal insulation qualities with thermal resistance recorded at R = 1.14mK/W (6mm board)


They are lightweight and strong with a normal drydensity of 0.8g/cm3


They are non-combustible and offer a high firerating the boards can be used for lining any fire–rated partition, ceiling or enclosure/boxing system.

Fungus & pest resistant

The boards resist the attack from termites and all other insects and vermin, they do not promote, propagate or nourish the growth of bacteria or fungus and are well suited to be used in a humid environment.

Water resistance & hygroscopic properties

The boards are inert to water and have high water resistant properties; they do not exhibit any hygroscopic properties and are therefore not affected if installed in a humid environment.

enviro132Application & installation

The surface possess strong binding properties for all kinds of acrylics, paints, adhesive and other binding agents for wall paper, laminates, fabrics, tiles veneer and other synthetic

surfacing materials without the need for further preparation.

The boards act well as a substrate or decorative panel, they are able to be cut, drilled or sanded using conventional tools and are not brittle and therefore nailing or screwing particularly near the edges does not require pre-drilling. The board’s flat surface ensures ease of application.

Durability bending & tensile strength

The boards are stronger than most conventional panel boards on the market, they do not deform when stressed and are designed and engineered to provide tensile and bending strength, they are resistant to the absorption of water vapour and will not shrink, swell, warp or distort even under extreme temperature and high humidity

Applications Internal partitions & wall linings

When used as drywall partitions the boards are ideal for use in commercial, industrial residential hospital and public buildings. The good thermal and sound features create a comfortable living environment the smooth surface offers an attractive finish even when not decorated and they easily receive conventionally applied finishes suchas paint, tiles, plaster, wallpaper veneers and laminates. The board’s resistance to dampness make them ideal for use in damp or humid areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or semi or fully exposed areas.

Soffits, roofs, eaves & gables

The maintenance free qualities of the boards make them ideal linings for difficult to access areas with dimensional stability they prevent sagging, warping and swelling even in damp conditions. Undecorated boards will not degrade, rot or deteriorate physically.

Fire rated partitions

Incorporated as linings in fire rating system design the boards are able to offer up to 4 hours fire resistance.

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