Clearview Stoves – the leading manufacturer of clean burning wood stoves

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Clearview Stoves – the leading manufacturer of clean burning wood stoves

Since 1987 our team of skilled workers have been producing a range of stoves considered by many to be the finest in the world. It’s not unusual to be told that it’s the best purchase our customers have ever made for their home.

We care passionately about the environment and believe wood is the perfect fuel.  Trees provide fuel and shelter for wildlife and add beauty to our lives and then provide us with a near carbon neutral fuel for our heating.  A real fire radiates a feeling of wellbeing, the flicker of flames makes it a magical place to gather, talk, laugh and relax.  Wood also enables you to take control of your heating, never again worrying about power failures or the rising cost of energy.

These beliefs started us on a quest to design and build a stove that would set new industry standards.  A stove with traditional styling, simple to use, highly efficient, with a wonderful view of the flames behind crystal clear glass.  It would be easy to light, burn for long periods unattended and be constructed by craftsmen using the finest materials.

After much research and development we achieved all of these objectives.

From our twenty-acre site in the Shropshire hills, we control all aspects of production with passion and enthusiasm, from research and development, through to design, manufacture and distribution.

In the most modern of stove production facilities, we combine the very latest computer controlled robotic production equipment with traditional hand finishing techniques to produce the best, most efficient and reliable stoves available.

wonderfulstoves-4Throughout the manufacturing process, every stove is thoroughly checked at each stage.  At the end of the production line it is carefully and securely packaged and then delivered on time by a fleet of our own dedicated lorries.  It doesn’t stop there.  We believe that expert advice is essential when considering the purchase and installation of a stove.  To this end, we take care to advise you on which model will best suit your needs and on its efficient and safe installation.  Our product knowledge is unequalled in the industry, our after sales service is second to none, so you can be confident that the Clearview Stove you choose will be the right one, giving you many years of trouble-free pleasure and satisfaction.

We are proud to have grown into Britain’s leading manufacture of clean burning stoves.  There is a simple reason for our success we and believe in our stoves and are dedicated to channelling our passion and energy into making one exceptional product.



Clearview Stoves are often referred to as the industry leaders and the benchmark in stove design and performance.  Each Clearview Stove offers a level of engineering that is unrivalled.  Every facet has been carefully considered to ensure that it is fit for purpose, in terms of construction as well as practicality and durability.  We go to great lengths to ensure that all our materials, from the steel, castings and glass, to the screws and fixings, are of the highest quality.

Fine Design

It is this engineering that makes the stove special, but what really sets it apart is the design.  Clearview Stoves were the first company ever to develop the ‘hot air wash’ system, where combustion air is drawn around the body of the stove, in some models for several feet, ensuring that when it reaches the firebox this air is as hot as the fire itself.  The super hot air-wash generates  not only a clear view of the fire but very efficient combustion.  This run of air through the stove is unique to us and is one of several design features that are protected by numerous international patents.

Easy Living

The result is a stove that is straightforward to use, easy to light, trouble free and simple to maintain.  These day-to-day practicalities are important when choosing a stove that is a purchase you will be using and living with for many years to come.  Genuine spare parts will always be available from our showrooms for all the models and ages of stoves.  Also consumable parts can be easily replaced without the need for service engineers and expensive call out charges.  Many stoves are run for many years before components need replacing.

Theyre’ Hot!

Our stoves will comfortably run at maximum temperature even on poorer wood, ensuring a constant heat output to your room and house.  It is not unusual for a single stove to provide most of the heating for an average style home.

Made in Britain

Considerable effort goes into sourcing materials and component parts from Britain.  British designed and built, a Clearview Stove is that rare thing, a product that truly lives up to its name and reputation. We believe there is no other stove offering both the impressive performance and build quality that comes with every Clearview model.


All About Clearview Stoves

This film takes us on a tour of our flagship showrooms in Ludlow and our impressive production facilities in the heart of Shropshire.

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