Condensulate Xtreme – the fit-and-forget solution to freezing Condensing boiler pipes

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In protecting condensate pipes from condensing boilers from freezing, one product stands head and shoulders above the rest – Condensulate Xtreme – a fit and forget solution from insulation specialists GTi in Argyll where they know a thing or two about cold winters.

Developed from space age ‘trickle-down’ technology material, Aerogel. Condensulate Xtreme, unlike other solutions, uses no moving parts, thermostats or electricity.

Martin Clayton GTi Business Development & Strategy Director said: “I have complete faith in this product above all others in the market.

GTi - Pipes

“It really is fit-and-forget and should last around 60 years in most situations. It just quietly gets on and does its job.

“When it’s sleeved inside a waste pipe it is immune to UV degradation, or attacks from vermin or vandals.

“We’ve had it independently tested by the Building Research Establishment to -20°C; it did not freeze at -10°C and is BS 5864-2010 compliant.

“British Gas has been extensively using the product.’’


The Condensulate Condensing Boiler Pipe Insulation Three Metre Kit


  • Condensulate pipe – 3.0 linear meters;
  • 1 x straight adaptor/connector – 21.5mm x 20mm;
  • 1 x adaptor/reducer – 32mm x 21.5mm;
  • 1 x pipe end – 21.5mm;
  • 1 x Drainguard;
  • 1 x Instruction card.

Condensulate Condensing Boiler Pipe Insulation Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to install – includes adaptors.
  • Fully integrated & flexible pipe.
  • Not vulnerable to UV degradation, vandalism or vermin when sleeved in waste pipe.
  • An innovative cost effective solution.
  • No electrical or mechanical parts – no power supply needed.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Sleeve in 40mm waste pipe.
  • Independently tested by the building research establishment to -20°C.
  • BS 5864-2010 compliant.
  • Testing with a flow rate at 500ml per hour.
  • Boilers only produce condensate whilst operating in condensing mode, flow rates are not constant.
  • Note: It is recommended that no more than three metres of Condensulate is run externally and is not fixed horizontally and that as much fall is maintained as possible. Swept bends are recommended.

£31.95 ex Vat

Other sizes available

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