Consort Claudgen launches Landlord Control Heating System

by Laura

Consort Claudgen’s RXLC Landlord Control Heating System is an ideal heating system for student accommodation, hotels, or anywhere where a central control unit is required to control the temperature of all heaters in a building or rooms. It consists of an MRXLC controller and one or more CRXLC controllers connected to Consort’s RX heaters in a room or area. The MRXLC can control any number of CRXLC depending on the building construction. It is also simple to set up and easy to programme. It sets the same 7-day programme with 6 time settings per day for all CRXLC controllers.

Room occupants can temporarily adjust the room temperature on the CRXLC for a predetermined length of time before the CRXLC reverts to the programmed temperature. For example, if a landlord sets a 7-day programme on the MRXLC, a room occupant can temporarily adjusts the room temperature on the CRXLC; and the new temperature is maintained until the next programme overrides it. However, if the landlord sets a fixed temperature, any temperature adjustments made by a room occupant on a CRXLC is maintained for a landlord set period of up to 4 hours before reverting to the fixed temperature.

Both controllers feature a large backlit LCD display for easy reading and have stylish and sleek modern design.

With ever increasing energy bills, the RXLC system is vital for landlords wanting greater control over their heating system and costs whilst allowing room occupants to temporarily adjust the room temperature to their comfort setting. For more details, visit, email or telephone 01646 692172.

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