Consort’s improved CRX2 wireless controller now with an open window detection feature

by Rob

Consort Claudgen’s CRX2 wireless controller is now available with an optional open/close window detection feature which reacts intelligently to temperature changes in the area or room. Should a window or door be left opened, the CRX2 will recognise a sudden drop in temperature and will turn the heating off to save energy. Once the window or door is closed, the CRX2 will switch the heater on and resume its normal operation. The open window detection feature is fully automatic and, once enabled in the setup menu, it does not require further intervention to be activated. The detection time and temperature settings for this feature are also fully adjustable in the setup menu. With this feature active, heat loss is minimised, thus reducing energy wastage and saving money.

For more details, email: or contact Sales at 01646 692172.

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