Don’t risk your reputation – Trust Seamsil® from Delvemade

by Laura

Other cut edge corrosion treatments are available. They come and they go. The original, ‘Delvemade Seamsil’, is the only one you need and it’s here to stay.

Seamsil is the UK’s leading Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment. More professionals specify Seamsil for good reasons. It’s the product they trust, it works and It has stood the test of time. Today, Seamsil and Delvemade’s other protective coatings are actively maintaining hundreds of roofs, right across the country, many for decades after application.

Invented by Delvemade, Seamsil has a proven, unbeatable reputation for quality that stretches back a generation. This fact enables Delvemade to providea long and meaningful product guarantee.

Delcote/Seamsil Project 32,500m2 roof Spade Lane, Sittingbourne

Itac Limited, Delvemade’s parent company, exclusively manufactures all Delvemade products. Both businesses operate closely, working together, from Itac’s new, ‘state of the art’ production facility, in Manchester. Established over 100 years, Itac has a wealth of adhesives and coatings manufacturing experience.

An Investor in People, with ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 accreditations, Itac is the perfect manufacturing partner for Delvemade, ensuring the highest quality plus rapid supply on demand, and interim warehousing for all Delvemade products. The current Delvemade range includes all the well-known names. Seamsil, Delcote, Delcote HPG and Delglaze.

Itac’s Research and Development team are actively working with Delvemade as it invests and expands, to bring further new and exciting building and roofing surface coatings to market.

Delvemade offer a free 2 hour CPD Cut Edge Corrosion Seminar at your premises.

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