Draught Sealing and Glazing for Period Properties

by Laura

There are a number of ways you can improve the thermal efficiency of your windows within the constraints of conservation area or listed building requirements. The gaps around a typical single sash window can add up to the equivalent of 6 square inches. Without draught sealing, draughts, dust, dirt and noise all flood into your home and heat rushes out, leaving you feeling uncomfortable as well as costing you money.

Draught sealing is an excellent way to potentially improve your windows’ thermal efficiency and the insulation of your home, whilst retaining the authentic appeal of your traditional windows. The condition of the original windows will dictate how effective draught sealing will be for your windows and your surveyor should be able to advise on this. Draught sealing old rotten windows may well be a waste of money so make sure that you ask this question and you receive a satisfactory answer.

The Sash Window Workshop’s draught sealing and overhaul service is designed to bring new life to any sash window and could dramatically improve window performance at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We aim to bring your old timber windows into the 21st century, whilst retaining the aesthetic character and charm of your home.

Our sash window draught seal service comprises:

 draught sealing – insert/replace draught excluders concealed within beadings.
 sash cord replacement and re-weighting of sashes
 repairs to damaged timber or glazing.
 fitting new ironmongery and locks.

Draught sealing and repair can be a superb product for listed properties which are in good condition as the appearance of your doors or windows will not change but the level of noise, dirt and draughts coming into your property will decrease significantly.

When renovating a listed building it is also worth considering other permissible glazing solutions. Secondary glazing can provide the benefits of modern glazing, including increased energy efficiency and draught prevention, while retaining the appearance of the external windows.

Here at The Sash Window Workshop we offer both sliding and hinged secondary glazing systems to suit your individual requirements because we understand the importance of keeping the charm and character of your period home. Our secondary glazing is designed to blend seamlessly with your current window configuration.


We also offer a unique Bi-Glass service where, if the frames are suitable and the sashes in good enough condition, we can reglaze or, subject to the normal consents, double glaze your existing sash windows to improve energy efficiency. Our Bi-Glass service is undertaken on-site and the service also includes draught seal and overhaul as standard.

One of our experience surveyors can advise you on the best solution for your home.
For your free quotation and on-site survey please contact 01344 868 668 or visit


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