by Jennifer Hamlin

The high-tech Genie shower panel from Hudson Reed can grant your wish for luxury multi-option showering… This stunning all-in-one dream shower offers contemporary styling with the convenience of modern thermostatic showering – ensuring anti-scald protection for all the family.

The overhead shower enables you to choose regular shower flow to revive and refresh, or a more concentrated waterfall option, providing a soothing cascade of water, plus 3 LED lights – ideal for darker mornings or added illumination when you’re washing your cares away at the end of the day. For days when you want a refreshing shower without getting your hair wet, the panel also features 4 body jets, plus a handshower.

The real magic is in the LED touch control panel, where you can choose your desired option at the touch of a button – bringing your bathroom right up-to-date and offering you complete flexibility. At just £1,147 including VAT, the Genie shower panel is a dream come true!

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