Easy Stair – Temporary Staircase

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Easy Stair provides speedy, safe access to upper floors prior to the installation of the finished stairs. There is no longer a need to climb up ladders or pay for expensive scaffold stairs.
Easy Stair prevents damage to expensive finished stairs by allowing them to be installed at the end of the build when it is just finishing trades. Easy Stair can save a great deal of money, delays and problems!

Easystair speeds up the building process as site operatives can use a speedy, safe method of access (rather than ladders) – again saving money and reducing the program time. Easy Stair is delivered to site fully assembled, it is simply lifted into position, the handrails then being quickly attached to the sides. The stairs are 600mm wide, suit floor to floor heights of 2.65m to 3.05m, weigh only 25kg and are available on next day delivery.

Easy Stair 2

Contact your merchant for further details or:
Tel: 01924 420820 Web: www.safetyplatforms.co.uk

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