EFIA launches free guide to cyber security for fencing companies

by Laura

EFIA Chairman, Bernard KilBride

The European Fencing Industry Association (EFIA) has launched a new and unique guide to cyber security, providing its members with free cyber security advice, in addition to guidance on the dangers of internet crime.  EFIA Chairman, Bernard KilBride, who has recently completed a BSc degree in computer security, says ‘there has never been a worse time to be connected and unprotected’, with the UK fencing industry a surprisingly vulnerable sector, given their involvement in their clients’ own security requirements.

The document – The EFIA Introduction to Cyber Security – highlights the dangers of internet crime and provides direction on how SMEs can protect themselves, in addition to offering information on the main, common types of threat and how to establish an effective security system.  In particular, information is highlighted on necessary systems such as passwords, email use, internet use, social media use and back up.

“Being a security risk could be hazardous for small businesses.  How many customers would buy from a business if they believed their own sensitive information were at risk?” he asks.   “This is why EFIA has developed a ‘simple to understand’ industry specific document, designed to raise member awareness of the issues and what can be done about them.  It provides suggestions for no (or low) cost solutions that they can implement to improve their cyber security right now.”


Cyber Attack: Is your business safe?

The free guide is intended as an introduction to the subject and directs members towards the government’s ‘Cyber Essentials accreditation scheme’, with more and more government departments now insisting their suppliers have achieved CE before they can work for them.

“Cyber security has become a business critical issue, but unfortunately, many SMEs still take a blasé approach towards this issue and mistakenly, don’t see themselves as targets of cyber criminals.” KilBride explains.  “Small to medium sized businesses may not yield value in themselves, but their lack of security awareness and protection makes them valuable as a stepping stone to more lucrative targets eg; their customers.  We are hoping that the launch of this guidance document will enable members to understand and implement the processes required to maintain their own online security.”

For further information on EFIA’s Introduction to Cyber Security, please visit www.efia.com.uk or call 01873 880808.

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