Eliminating London’s Office Furniture Waste

by Rob

JPA are on a mission to eliminate redundant office furniture landfill with our award winning re-use and recycling services.

Recognised recently as winners of the 2019 Sustainable Cities Award for resource maximisation and our efforts in putting sustainability and the environment at the heart of our operations, JPA have diverted over 25,000 unwanted office furniture items from landfill (saving 440 landfill tonnes) and saved businesses more than £1,500,000 over the last five years through furniture re-working and re-use. Our range of services reduce furniture expenditure, maximise existing resources and improve an organisation’s carbon footprint.

The core of our business is new office furniture supply and solutions but we begin each project by assessing whether our clients really do need new furniture in the first instance. We provide audits & assessment of existing furniture and work with clients to see if and how existing items can be repaired, renovated, refreshed, reupholstered, relo­cated or reconfigured for con­tinuing use in the new scheme. This maximises all existing items, meaning new items do not need to be made or manufactured uneccessarily. Once this has been addressed, only then do we specify and supply new furniture items.

Our stand alone repair and furniture maintenance contracts solve any ongoing office furniture headaches saving time for key staff, reducing new furniture spend and potential waste.

From this…

JPA address value through sustainability at every step of the order process – pre-purchase, post-occupation and when no longer needed, making it easy to be sustainable. Nothing goes to landfill.

The locality, fleet and warehousing of JPA’s operation is key.  Our resources are in close proximity to our clients so fleet miles and emissions are reduced whilst service levels are better with faster response times. Locality also means more effective networking to help us find organisations for furniture rehoming.  JPA are based in Hertfordshire and whilst the core of our business is in Central London, we also service the Home Counties – the majority of JPA clients are within an hour of our St Albans Head Office and Warehouse for fast response, service excellence and maximisation of fleet mileage.

To this

JPA was tasked with project managing the relocation of Redbridge CCG, rationalising three buildings into one, with the goal of using as much of the existing furniture as possible in the new layouts, topping up with new as required and eliminating all furniture landfill of unwanted items through re-use or recycling. See full case study details here

Key services included:

* Space planning and design of the new workspaces

* New furniture specification – sustainable supply chains

* Project managing every aspect of the move

* Dismantling and transporting existing furniture to new building

* Installation of new furniture

* Supplying crates and moving crates to the new building

* Specifying, delivering and installing the new items

* Rehoming and recycling any unwanted furniture

* Ongoing site support to maximise investment

Phase one of the Redbridge CCG project saw over 100 chairs, storage units and tables re-used in the new building scheme,  saving over £16,071 in new furniture spend and eliminating over 3 tonnes of furniture landfill.  All 91 redundant furniture items removed were rehomed by JPA in local organisations, saving them a total of £8,630 in ufnriture spend, and eliminating a further 3.4 tonnes of furniture landfill.

JPA Furniture brought all stages of the move together on time and on budget whilst meeting the sustainability requirements of the project by ensuring zero furniture waste.

Please see our newly launched website www.jpa-workspaces.com which outlines our full range of services or contact us on tel: 01727 840800

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