EverEdge now in Cor-Ten®

by admin

It is now possible to buy the entire range of EverEdge garden & landscape edging products made in Cor-Ten® steel.

Cor-Ten® is type of steel which is designed to give a weathered finish without the fear of the steel breaking down. The way it works is that a layer of rust forms which protects the steel underneath for many years.

In the last 3-5 years, there has been a real growth in weathered steel being used in gardens. A lot of this has been driven by the Chelsea Flower Show where the material is used in a larger and larger number of show gardens every year. Cor-Ten® allows for a rustic look but gives you the peace of mind that your edging is not going to degrade. Once the layer of rust has formed, you will notice it is a finish that can suit a whole range of gardens. It can be a rustic option in a more traditional garden but also provide a bold statement when used in a more contemporary design.

EverEdge offer Cor-Ten® as an option in the Classic 1m lengths, the ProEdge range of 2.5m lengths and in the Titan range which is a more bespoke product which can be made to a variety of sizes. As well as the Cor-Ten®, EverEdge remains available in a range of galvanised options including brown, slate, black, unpainted or green.

Website: www.everedge.co.uk/


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