Excellent Franchise Opportunities with Thermocrete

by Laura

Thermocrete the UK’s largest chimney specialists are offering a first class opportunity to establish a reputable and profitable business in a rapidly expanding sector of the service industry.

Thermocrete’s Chimney Chaps (Franchisees), already carry out over five thousand chimney linings a year. Every installation is backed by a comprehensive Quality Assured 25 years Guarantee.

Each franchisee enjoys the benefits of operating in an exclusive territory, with the backing of a national organisation.

The benefits

  1. Quite simply THERMOCRETE offers you a remarkable opportunity of being your own boss, without many of the risks inherent in setting up a new business venture on your own.
  2. Over 90% of all new business ventures cease to exist within 5 years. Whereas in a properly organised network the failure rate is less than 5%.
  3. You will have the independence, prestige, freedom and security of owning your own business together with the satisfaction of reaping the financial rewards.
  4. THERMOCRETE is a tried, tested and successful business; it has operated profitably in the home area (Yorkshire) since 1974.
  5. With THERMOCRETE you will be using a registered name with an established reputation (television, our web site and press coverage has already established a National Identity).
  6. Establishing a new area will involve a little capital expenditure, though much less than would normally be required in setting up a new business venture. Where necessary we will be able to arrange a reliable and comprehensive package of financial assistance and advice. Subject to status, our easy purchase plan makes becoming a THERMOCRETE INSTALLER easier than you may think.

For an Information Pack, speak to Matthew Barnes or Allan Barnes on: 0800 0345 442

Website: www.thermocrete.com/become-a-franchisee
E-mail: info@thermocrete.com

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