Feel at Home with a Lifton Home Lift

by Laura

Lifton Home Lifts combine advanced technology with outstanding design providing homeowners with a simple way of moving between the floors of the home.

If you are looking for a premium product for your renovation project, Lifton domestic lifts are a masterclass in style with its muted colours, curved profile and ambient lighting.

The Lifton Home Lift is also modular and slimline, so it can be built up into almost any location in the home and integrate seamlessly into any design plans and layouts.

Plugging straight into a domestic power socket, the Lifton lift is energy efficient and the only building work required is a small opening in the ceiling which allows the lift to pass through between levels. Lifton domestic lifts are freestanding and self-supporting with the user travelling ‘through the floor’ on its unique rails.

Highly desirable to clients, the lift has a compact footprint, preserving valuable floorspace and offers an unmatched home travel experience between floors at the touch of a button.

The range includes the two-person capsule-shaped LiftonDUO Home Lift and LiftonTRIO Home Lift which has been designed for wheelchair users.

A Lifton Home Lift can be installed in one day.

0808 250 4739

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