by Laura

The Preparation Group, specialists in surface preparation, removal and finishing, offers eco friendly, cost effective methods and accessories for floor refurbishment.

SFD’s (Surface Finishing Diamond Pads) and Storm Diamond Pads offer floor maintenance and cleaning opportunities for hard surfaces without affecting the environment and are long lasting for use again and again. Both types transform dull, scratched, heavily trafficked, stained and contaminated floors without harsh chemicals, cleaners, waxes or polishes, just by adding water.

SFD’s are for refurbishing and cleaning floors, where the surface is damaged, deeply scratched or has a high build up of surface contaminants. They grind, key, sand and polish without clogging meaning no interruptions to the operation. Highly durable, they comprise of resin diamond dots which are bonded to the pads and it is the dots that do the work on; epoxy resin, linoleum, concrete, ceramic tiles, granite, marble and terrazzo. Achieving quick results, they present a highly efficient floor cleaning solution.

SFD’s are available in a range of grades from 50 to 3000 grit, the selection depending on the condition and type of surface.

SFD’s grades and applications:

  • 50/100 Grades Removing deep scratches on even and uneven floors.
  • For deep cleaning of damaged, scratched floors, removal of surface contaminants and keying coatings
  • Leaves a matt finish.
  • 200/400 Grades Removing light scratches on even, dull floors.
  • For removing light scratches and staining from areas of heavy traffic, restoring the floor back to its original state.
  • Leaves a light gloss finish.
  • 800/1500/3000 Grades Restoring dull floors and maintaining them.
  • Leaves a gloss finish.

Storm Diamond Pads are for the daily cleaning and maintenance of polished floors. They produce optimum results and a high gloss shine on resin floor surfaces, epoxy, terrazzo, marble, natural stone, polished concrete, linoleum and even vinyl.

They are double sided for twice the value and manufactured with up to 33% more diamond content than competitor brands, resulting in greater metre coverage per hour for quicker, more effective results.

Storm Diamond Pads are available in three sizes; 12’’, 17’ and 20’’ and in 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 grades.

Storm Diamond Pad grades and applications:

  • 400 Grade Heavy duty cleaning of floors.
  • For deep cleaning of damaged, scratched floors and for the removal of surface contaminants.
  • Leaves a matt finish.
  • 800 Grade General cleaning of heavily soiled floors.
  • For removing light scratches and staining from areas of heavy traffic, restoring the floor back to its original state.
  • Leaves a light gloss finish.
  • 1500 Grade General cleaning of lightly soiled floors.
  • The most popular pad in the range. For quick and effective floor maintenance.
  • Leaves a gloss finish.
  • 3000 Grade Cleaning lightly used floors.
  • For areas of light traffic. Can be used for daily maintenance of a ‘sound’ floor where an exceptionally shiny floor is desired.
  • Leaves a high gloss/mirror finish.

Both SFD’s and Storm Pads are very simple to use and are designed to fit The Preparation Group’s STG450 machine and most other makes of rotary cleaners, auto scrubbers and polishing machines.

The pad is fitted to the scrubber/dryer machine in the same way as any other conventional cleaning pad. When the machine is in action, the rotating operation, pad pressure and speed will affect the cleaning or polishing process.

For a demonstration on how SFD’s and Storm Diamond Pads care for floors, call The Preparation Group on +44(0)1522 561460. For further information and a video of the pads in action, visit http://www.ppcgroup.co.uk/methods.php?ID=55

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