Heat MatPV – An innovative new underfloor heating mat for use with photovoltaics Lifestyle_lo

by Laura

Heat Mat has introduced a new heating mat designed to maximise the benefits of photovoltaic panels (PV) and micro-generated energy. This innovative electric underfloor heating system is ideal for well-insulated new-build properties and utilises ‘free’ electricity produced from PV. The dual-output mat has two circuits, allowing the system to be run at a low or high output, depending on the amount of PV-generated electricity available and the building’s energy efficiency.

The dual-circuit enables an output of 75W/m2 or 150W/m2 to be achieved. Based on electricity generated from a 3kW PV system running at full efficiency the new Heat MatPV system, if run at 75W/m2, can heat up to a 45 sqm floor area* using the PV generated electricity. This is double the area achievable with the most commonly sold output of electric underfloor heating mats (150W/m2 systems).

Heat MatPV can be installed as a direct acting system or (ideally) within a screed during the construction phase; charging up the screed with electricity generated during the day when the most sun is absorbed, and emitting heat well into the evening. The system is also suitable for retrofit circumstances – it can be installed prior to PV panels and initially run from mains electricity.

Key product benefits:

– Dual circuit – fit one mat for two output options (run at 75W or 150W/m2)

– Minimal build height required

– Compatible with a variety of home automation systems and thermostats

– Can be integrated into a Part L compliant heating system

– 15 year warranty, VDE approved

– Self-sticking mat – no need for double sided tape

– Integrated hidden cold tail connection, therefore no weak spot

-Can also be powered by wind and water turbine generated electricity

Heat MatPV can heat up to 45m2 of floor area- the downstairs floor of an average UK house based on a 3kW PV system. According to RIBA’s HomeWise Case for Space report (2011) the average UK house has 85m2 of floor space and 5.2 rooms.


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