How long will new timber fence posts last?

by Laura

Any fencing project is a significant investment and the prospect of having to replace it after only a few years is driving more and more specifiers to insist that all new timber fencing is protected with a Postsaver ground line barrier sleeve.

With growing concerns over the long term effectiveness of the current environmentally friendly wood preservatives, adding Postsaver to a specification gives the peace of mind of knowing that the new fence will last in excess of 20 years.

Postsaver sleeves have been in production since 1994 and are proven to protect this vulnerable part of the post from ground rot.

The sleeves combine an inner, meltable, bitumen sealant with a tough, polythene outer that is shrunk onto your fence posts.

Postsaver have just published a 34 page Wood Life Extension Handbook which gives detailed technical information about ground line decay and the solution that Postsaver offers.

Current customers include Network Rail, Environment Agency, The Forestry Commission and many more.

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