Hybrid Electric Heating Solutions for the changing Market

by Rob

With the introduction of LOT20 which came into force on the 1st of January 2018 all EHC Electric Heaters now benefit from our DSR Technology which meets the requirements of the new Regulation and minimum seasonal space heating energy efficiency.

The DSR Controller offers Time & Temperature Control, Open Window/Door recognition and Geo-Location features. It can be controlled manually or alternatively Remotely when connected to the EHC Smart Gateway via a Smart Phone and Amazon Alexa.

At EHC we have seen changes in the demands of Specifiers looking for solutions that meet their specification criteria and budgets. As the DSR Controller is common to all our Heaters we can offer Hybrid Electric Heating solutions with our traditional Products in the Living areas and affordable Products in the Bedrooms etc.

To compliment the Range EHC have now launched the DSR Edge Electric Heaters which are available in 500w, 1000w, 1500w and 2000w outputs.

The DSR Edge is an Aluminium Convector Heater which has been designed with a gentle curved profile on each side of the Heater. It is manufactured using high grade 100% recyclable Aluminium. It produces heat on demand and with the modular construction of the Heater it cycles airflow and emits heat throughout the room. The Controller is located on the top of the Heater for ease of access and has a protection cover.

The ceramic blocks retain heat for longer than either water or oil based Heaters. The whole surface area of the Heater benefits from this technology for an enhanced heating experience whilst the ceramic blocks provide partial storage and heat retention of the energy used. Ceramic Heaters are also easier to recycle, making them an altogether greener heating solution.

EHC have released a new Electric Radiator Brochure which showcases all the available Products within the Range, To request a copy Click Here. Alternatively Visit www.electric-heatingcompany.co.uk/edge for further details or call 01698 820533 to speak to our Sales Team.

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