Ideal Indoor Climate – all year round

by Rob

HomEvap C10-1

Humidity Solutions has introduced the HomEvap into the UK market: an innovative humidifier designed to improve indoor air quality and increase comfort and wellbeing in homes and workplaces.  The HomEvap opens up new opportunities for providing safe and precise humidity control and/or low energy cooling for residential, commercial or preservation applications.

Low humidity can cause headaches, sore throat, lack of concentration, itchy eyes and skin.  Longer term effects may be deterioration of the function of vital organs and the exacerbation of chronic conditions such as eczema and asthma.  Internal furniture and fittings can also be affected, leading to cracking or splitting of wooden floorings or furniture, and deterioration of artwork or musical instruments.

HomEvap C10-3

The HomEvap range, offers four different options so can be precisely tailored to the specific requirements of each home or workspace.

Fitted to an air stream such as a Heat Recovery Unit, the HomEvap Humidifier connects inline to provide humidity-controlled air to space. Using the adiabatic evaporative process, the water wastage is low, as is the energy usage. A built-in heater can warm the air to overcome the cooling effect if required.


The HomEvap Cooler can be fitted to the warm air extract prior to the HRU so that in this instance the cooling effect is transferred to the incoming air without the humidity, providing up to 2kw of cooling for 20w of energy.  Both solutions can be combined if required – HomEvap Combi Comfort– with a single controller providing the brains behind the technology.


If there is no airflow, the HomEvap Direct is the solution. The system is stand alone, using a low energy, quiet fan, and can be discreetly positioned above a ceiling or in a cupboard. All controls and sensors are included in the package making it a plug and play solution.

The HomEvap range was developed as energy-efficient humidifiers, coolers and combined solutions for offices, homes and public facilities to provide a healthy indoor climate all year round.

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