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GlasSpace specialise in structural glazing and sealant application creating stunning glass extensions and conservatories that are made entirely from glass. Their beautiful buildings seamlessly join the inside with the outside; even the structure is made from glass which supports the double glazed glass panels that are fixed using structural silicon.

The unique GlasSpace system has been designed by award winning architects, structural glass engineers and leading independent test engineers to ensure that their products are not only inspirational, but also highly durable and secure. Constructed from toughened glass units, which are strong enough to walk on, a GlasSpace is completely safe and easy to maintain.

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Using commercial glass technology that has been developed over the last 25 years, GlasSpace creates impressive environments that are suitable for both the domestic and commercial property. The use of low e-thermal coating and argon-filled panels mean that their structures are guaranteed to exceed the latest heat efficiency regulations, ensuring that the space remains comfortably warm in a cost effective way.

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All of GlasSpace’s structures include the latest technology, with warm edge seals, creating a comfortable atmosphere inside and supporting the process of saving energy. This, combined with the latest solar control coatings and films, ensures that their glass structures meet the tight requirements of modern day living and energy performance. Whilst the style of their buildings is contemporary, blending beautifully with a modern structure, GlasSpace are often asked to help with projects that require solutions for period style properties. Due to the transparent nature of the product a period home can also be extended to incorporate a gorgeous garden for example, without imposing on the property.

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Whether GlasSpace project manages a complete development or is simply part of a larger team lead by an architect, they offer a wide range of additional options such as solar control glass. From the most ambitious plan to a simple glass roof, GlasSpace offers unique, practical design at an extremely competitive price.

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