Isosonic Dek Floor 30 is a new prime addition to the Thermal Economics. IsoSonic product range.

by Laura

The board component ISOSONIC DEK30 forms a combined sound insulation and structural deck, applied directly to the floor joists. It is composed of 8 mm Isorubber resilient layer bonded to V313 chipboard .
ISORUBBER itself is a dense, durable low compression material with excellent impact and airborne sound properties. It forms the main acoustic component of six Robust Details.
The main benefits of Isorubber over expanded polymer foams are
It’s mass, which reduces airborne sound transmission
It’s hardness, which prevents compression ( loss of resilience ) at the board to joist interface
It’s durability , which assures undiminished longterm performance
The system is designed to reduce flanking sound leakage around the floor perimeter; a frequent problem in refurbishment work and it employs the Isosonic Ceiling Cleat vibration absorbing hangers to facilitate the acoustic decoupling from floor to ceiling.
The Isosonic DekFloor 30 system has been both laboratory and site tested for compliance with approved Document E ( Refurbishment) requirements.

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