Isosonic Dekfloor 30

by Laura

Direct to joist acoustic flooring system for refurbishment projects

  • Single fit acoustically insulating structural deck
  • Free floating, glued T+G joints, no fixings to joists
  • High density ISORUBBER (900kg/m2) base layer provides superior and sustained acoustic insulation
  • Engineered self adhesive flanking insulation strips
  • Improved acoustic floor to ceiling decoupling



Isosonic DekFloor 30 is designed to have fully glued T+G joints enabling it to freely float over the floor joists, without any mechanical fixings in order to reduce structural sound bridging.

It is important to fit Isoedge around the full floor perimeter in order to prevent airborne sound leakage and to allow for the possible expansion movement of the monolithic floor deck.


The acoustic test measurements for any given floor/ceiling construction will be greatly influenced by the flanking sound transmission around the perimeter of the floor. Therefore any set of acoustic measurements should only be used for predicting the performance of floors with similar constructions and flanking conditions.

The magnitude of the flanking sound transmission can in particular be influenced by the density and the integrity of the flanking wall and by the effectiveness of the air seal
at the floor to wall and ceiling to wall junctions i.e by
connecting air paths.

It is very important that the floor and ceiling to perimeter wall junctions are fully sealed in accordance with the recommendations of the Installation Guide.

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