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Amari Plastics, the UK’s leading distributor of plastic sheets, rods, films and tubes are always on the lookout for additional products to ensure that their product offering to the retail and interiors market is as broad as can be.

Designers and architects are constantly on the search for products which allow them to make their ideas a reality, whilst also providing functionality and ease of care.

Kerrock solid surface material fulfils all of these requirements and is set to make a huge impact on the UK market for retail design. Whether it is for food service areas, checkout counters, display cases, wall cladding, furniture or changing rooms, Kerrock has the versatility and durability to offer the perfect solution.

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The colour and texture options are unlimited and its non porous structure means that when properly cleaned, it won`t allow the growth of bacteria. It can also withstand the rigours of high volume traffic areas in your store or shopping centre. Kerrock is a composite material that looks and feels like stone but is actually acrylic based. The composition is made by mixing acrylic polymer with aluminium hydroxide both of which are completely safe to both humans and the
environment as a whole. It has been given the fire classification of “fire retardant”, meaning it meets fire classification class B s1-do according to EN 13501-1 the new European standard norm. This classification is achieved without the addition of halogenated fire retardants, making the material non-toxic. Its fire rating means that it can be used in domestic or commercial applications where increased fire regulations are in place such as airports, metro, shopping malls, shops, exhibitions or interior panelling. Kerrock is a fabricators dream as it can be processed in a multitude of ways. Bend it, shape it, thermoform it, engrave it! What you do with Kerrock is really down to your imagination! Kerrock can be processed in the same manner as wood, using the usual woodworking machinery. You can use nearly all wood processing methods: sawing, drilling, cutting, grinding, milling, polishing, gluing and thermal designing. Kerrock allows you to create virtually seamless structures and sculptures, to match the design you desire. Kerrock Lumino, offers a range of bright, highly translucent colours which can be used to create ambience in your retail space and opens up new possibilities for designers and architects. As Kerrock is solid the whole way through, you have the ability to engrave patterns into Kerrock to show store logos or create signage which can be back lit to reveal your design.

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Kerrock benefits At a Glance:
• Acrylic based composite material
• Non porous
• Durable enabling use in high volume traffic areas
• Flame retardant fire classification class B, s1, d0
according to EN 13501-1, the new European
standard norm.
• No halogenated fire retardants making the
material non-toxic
• Ability to carry out all normal wood working
• Hugely versatile product – a designers dream

Kerrock available in
• 88 different colours and patterns
• Standard sheet sizes 3600 x 760 in
• Other sheet sizes and thicknesses
available on request
About the manufacturer Kolpa are a Slovenian based company and the creators of the solid surface
material Kerrock. The company was established in 1978 and they are now one of the leading bathroom equipment manufacturers in central and south Eastern Europe, with a presence in 37
countries including the US. They launched Kerrock solid surface sheet material in 1991 and have gone on to develop a range of kitchen bowls and sink basins to complement their existing range of bathroom equipment. They received an honourable mention at the 2010 Reddot design award event and they continue to expand into Europe, most recently through their partnership with Amari plastics in the UK About Amari Plastics Amari Plastics has been established since 1975 and is the UK’s leading distributor of plastics in sheet, rod, tube and film form to industry and the shopfitting / interiors market. Amari started to work with Kerrock in 2014 when it was appointed as Kerrocks
exclusive distributor to the UK market, with access to the full Kerrock range of sheets material and complimentary bowls.

NEW from Amari Plastics

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UK distributor of plastic products to the retail and building industries, Amari Plastics, introduces a new range of Plexiglas® Extruded acrylic sheets. Amari Plastics, the UK’s leading distributor of plastic sheets, rods, tubes and films to the retail and building industries is delighted to announce the introduction of a new range of Plexiglas® Extruded acrylic sheets. Manufactured in Germany by Evonik Industries, Plexiglas is one of the world’s leading branded acrylic sheets and is renowned for its high quality and consistency. Traditionally used in the sign and shop fitting industries for displays,
signage and shopfitting, Evonik are now developing new grades of products that, whilst still being applicable for the shop fitting industry, can also be used in new diverse applications in the building, interior decoration and refurbishment markets. The product spearheading this drive is the new Plexiglas® Hi-Gloss. Manufactured using leading edge co-extrusion technology, 2 independent moulding compounds are independently melted and then brought together where they fuse to form a homogenous and inseparable sheet. This co-extruded sheet has no adhesives or bond promoters involved and therefore there are no cavities of joints, just a single solid layer. This gives the Plexiglas® Hi-Gloss a significant advantage over other products or processes that call for subsequent coating, such as painting or lamination. The Hi-Gloss product consists of a thick glossy layer of clear Plexiglas® but there is a very thin layer of Plexiglas® colour behind the clear. This gives the material the perception of having great depth, and the gloss clear front enhances the colour making the material stand out.

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The product is UV stabilised; it is weather resistant; it can be heated and formed in to different shapes – even thermoforming can be performed on the Hi-Gloss without deformation of the sheet. This makes the Plexiglas® Hi-Gloss sheets very suitable for in-store fixtures, displays, furniture, office partioning, indoor and outdoor fixtures and panelling. The key area that Hi-Gloss has been designed for is the replacement of painted glass in bathrooms and kitchens as a splash back or decorative surface. Hi-Gloss® has 3 significant advantages over the alternative painted glass products – they are that the weight of the Plexiglas® Hi-Gloss is massively lower than the equivalent glass sheet. This makes fitting, handling and installation significantly easier and puts less stress on the fixtures it is being applied to. Furthermore, painted surfaces are much more easily damaged or scratched than the colour layer in Plexiglas® Hi-Gloss – which is protected by the fusing process of co-extrusion.

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Finally, the Plexiglas sheet is very competitively priced allowing you to meet budget costs and still produce a high quality, long lasting interior. For bathrooms and shower back panels, Hi-Gloss is the only genuine acrylic solution as it uses an improved patented moulding compound that makes the product resistant to high water temperatures and to wet / dry cycling. Hi-Gloss therefore meets the standard for acrylic sanitary ware, specified in the European Standard EN 263. Plexiglas® Hi-Gloss is available in a range of 16 standard colours but can also be manufactured to match any colour of your choice or to meet the specific corporate colour of your customers subject to minimum order quantities.

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Stock is available in the UK in 3m x 2m sheets in 6mm and 3mm thicknesses. A further development of this range – the Plexiglas® Hi-Gloss Decor range is also available upon request or manufacture. This is a range manufactured in the same way as the standard product but has a decorative foil embedded in between the 2 acrylic layers. This allows the design to be viewed in an almost 3 dimensional manner and creates a great depth to the
design. There are 10 standard designs within the Decor range including Brushed Aluminium, Oxidized Copper, Fine Carbon, Glossy Granite and a variety of wood finishes. If you require further information or samples of the Plexiglas® Hi-Gloss range please contact your local branch of Amari Plastics – details of which can be found on the Amari Plastics website.

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