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Further to the new Construction Products CE regulations coming into force, the UK’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel chimney systems, Schiedel Rite-Vent have launched a range of fully approved bespoke flex kits, which will help save time, and make installation much simpler.

There are two types of installation kits in diameter ranges of Ø125, Ø155, Ø180, Ø200mm as well as one flex tester kit.

1. The Traditional Installation kit which includes a top plate, top clamp, top insert, nose cone and adaptor (plain end to TecnoFlex Plus) is based around the traditional fitting method of clamp and plate at the top of the existing masonry stack.

2. The Pot Hanger Kit where the flex liner is suspended from an existing chimney pot includes a combined pot hanger & terminal, nosecone and adaptor (Plain end to TecnoFlex Plus).

The new kits also include the latest TecnoFlex Plus installation instructions as well as the Chimney Notice Plate as required by the new CE norms.

3. The Flex Tester Kit is specifically designed to help the installer ensure that there are no hidden snags before installing the full length of chimney. The test length is 1.5m long to allow for offsets, and the kit includes a screw fit nose cone at each end, to which a cord can be attached, making it easier to pull up and down the chimney.

“The flexible liner is not a stand-alone product, but together with its fittings, forms an integrated system for the safe lining of an existing chimney, so the launch of fully inclusive kits was a natural progression for the company.” said David Wright Marketing Manager on announcing details of the new kits.

“Legislation is stringent, and as part of BS EN1856-2, the British standard relating to Metal Flue Liners and Connecting Flue Pipes, testing criteria are set down not just for the flexible liner, but also its fittings. All of these kits meet with this specific legislation.” Says David.

Schiedel’s award winning range of innovative screw fit adaptors have been specifically designed to avoid the need to drill and rivet on site. The screw fit accessories are fully tested and approved, to BS EN1856-2 at TuV in Munich.

The launch of these unique kits from a company with 45 years’ experience is no surprise as Scheidel are constantly at the forefront of the industry in terms of innovation.

For more information on Schiedel, its product range and HETAS training centre, please contact David Wright on 0191 416 1150 or visit

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