LG Multi V™ 5 VRF – Reinventing air solutions from the inside out.

by Rob

Buildings, whether Domestic, Commercial, Retail, Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment and high rise office / residential, require all types of HVAC solutions from Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation, DHW – Domestic Hot Water, Hygiene, Energy efficiency, low Maintenance, Reliability, Easy self and user Control, Low running cost, Flexibility, Standby, low Noise and low Capital cost. It should operate in all conditions and in all locations from Rural, Inner Cities to Coastal areas.

LG innovation and advancement in VRF systems have changed the air conditioning market with the latest Multi V™ 5. Its new invisible ultimate inverter compressor reinventing air solutions from the inside out. The technological connection between temperature and relative humidity has produced dual sensing control, which not only saved energy but also eliminated comfort complaints, improving healthy working and living conditions. The continuous heating feature was only possible with the advanced compressor design reducing and almost eliminating oil return and defrost function and with dual control allowing uninterrupted operation between 10 Hz and 160 Hz capacity control. The large capacity 26 HP single module outdoor unit with its unique Biomimetics technology fan, increasing airflow with less energy and noise enabling quick installation, less footprint and weight. Complementing these innovations is the Ocean Black Fin™ heat exchanger coil unique protection, as standard, against the harshest environments reduces maintenance and maintains energy efficiency with self-cleaning smooth fin surfaces prolonging the product’s lifespan and lowers operational and maintenance costs.

The unique LG Hydro Kits connecting to any LG VRF generating hot water from recovered rejected heat, providing energy efficiencies (COP) reaching 8.7/1 in simultaneous operation. The Hydro Kits offer two options, one to generate medium water temperature of 50°C in two capacities (13 & 28 kW) for use in radiators, under floor heating and AHU’s, while the other option is high temperature cascade system with up 80°C in two capacities (13 & 28 kW) for use in domestics hot water generation, swimming pools, kitchens and hospitals.

The LG Therma V™ Mono and split LTHW and DHW systems have achived the highest certification throughout Europe with medium (up to 55°C with added benefit of being able to cool) and high temperature (up to 80°C) cascade split system, can provide economical and high energy efficiency for small to medium dwellings.

LG central control system provides a variety of solutions includes BACnet/Modbus/ IO/DO modules, saving running costs and efficient energy control. The peak wattage function limits energy usage by controlling indoor units; it can also set schedules in advance for certain times. Its energy management enables monitoring all operational details in power consumption with visual navigation which shows current operation status in one view and can be easily accessible via smart phone.

All LG equipment carries EUROVENT, ISO9001 / ISO14001 certification and ETL complaint.

LG HVAC equipment distributed and extensively supported by Space Air’s 37 years experience to provide a complete project solution from design assistance, correct selection, specification, logistics, commissioning, after sales support and spare parts.

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