Monarfloor Acoustic Systems – Soundproofing for separating party floors

by Laura

Monarfloor Acoustic Systems

Monarfloor developed acoustic floors as we know them in the UK, and as a result have the largest highest performing range of acoustic floors for any application. All of our products benefit from our patented LRAC resilient layers which provide unrivalled sound insulation. We have over 30 years of specifying and supplying products and so have a wealth of experience. As part of the Icopal group who are a global construction product manufacturer you can be assured you will received the best products for the application.
Sound Decision
With sound insulation of building being such a complex subject and requirements to meet the requirements of Part E for England & Wales in 2003, Section 5 for Scotland 2010, Technical Guidance Document E of the Irish Building Regulations, achieving compliance with these regulations a challenge than before, particularly when dealing with low frequencies. The simple, cost-effective answer is to talk to the team at Icopal, we offer free advice to ensure you meet any acoustic requirement.
Any problem, one solution
As the market leader in sound insulation, we are in a unique position to provide a one-stop source of products, service and technical support. Our range is the largest in the UK covering all new build, conversion and refurbishment applications whether the underlying floor structure is wood, steel or concrete. Comprehensive solutions that include systems now universally accepted as the industry standard, proven over and over again in use.
Service for the real world
With our pedigree we naturally understand the everyday realities you face. That’s why, unlike some in our industry, we’re more than happy to be flexible. Our lead times are short, there are no minimum orders and we can deliver direct to site, usually on a just-in-time basis.

Layout 1Acoustics - Flanking Strip Illus
Sound Advice
Our Acoustic Technical Support Team is one of the largest of its kind in the country. Their advice and assistance is free and is designed to get you to the acoustic performance outcomes you need quickly, however demanding they may be, at minimum cost. Support from concept to completion is available over the phone, e-mail or through site visits where appropriate. It’s a major resource for your business, yet the investment is all ours.
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