Moores donates brand-new kitchen to Tadcaster Grammar School’s new learning hub

by Rob

Moores is thrilled to have supplied Tadcaster Grammar School with a brand-new kitchen for its Field View Learning Hub. This practical kitchen will enable vulnerable students to ‘work collaboratively in a place that feels safe to them.’

After learning of TGS’s new autism base, Moores was delighted to be able to work with the local school to provide a holistic kitchen space that will open up new opportunities for children who struggle to stay focused in a conventional school setting.

Field View opened its doors earlier this year and since then, the kitchen has been a place of comfort where children can take part in core Maths and English lessons as well as exciting new cooking classes. The learning hub is devoted to providing children with a space away from the traditional classroom to help with focus and productivity.

Melanie Carrol, Assistant Headteacher, Vulnerable Learners and Faculty Leader, Learning Development says: “The kitchen donated by Moores and fitted in our new autism base, ‘Field View’ has revolutionised the provision we can offer for vulnerable students at TGS and the impact has been huge. We have started to offer cookery classes to vulnerable students who struggle to manage a full-time mainstream curriculum and the difference it has made to their attitude to school and their sense of mastery has been tangible. The resource is quiet, calm and really well equipped with two ovens and a workstation, allowing for a few students to work collaboratively in a place that feels safe to them. Students can practise life skills and independent living skills such as making breakfast, washing up and basic food hygiene as well as more challenging tasks such as baking bread and making family dishes.

The kitchen has become the heart of Field View and the difference in what we can offer to students and how they now feel about school and their education is heart-warming. Moores’ generous donation has really made a difference to the lives of many young people here at TGS.”

Julie Holliday, Head of Marketing at Moores, says: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to provide a safe space where children can not only learn academically, but also be taught basic life skills needed for the future. The impact that this will have on their school-life is extremely rewarding and the feedback that we have received about this project has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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