New Footrail Options from Yeoman Shield

by Laura

Celebrating 50 years in the market place, Yeoman Shield wall & door protection have the experience, knowledge and confidence to continually research and develop existing as well as new products.

One such product is the Yeoman Shield Footrail which has been designed to offer optimum protection to the lower part and skirting element of walls. It can also provide the perfect protection for vulnerable glass walls, screens, freezer/fridge equipment and deli counters.

The Yeoman Shield Footrail is available in a choice of either PVCu or Satinless Steel finish, both of which provide a great defence; stopping heavy weight trolleys, motorised trucks and vehicles colliding with walls and partitions.

The PVCu version consists of a PVCu sleeve over an aluminium core for additional strength. The sleeve is available in a selective colour range as depicted in the Yeoman Shield brochure and website.

Stainless Steel footrails are manufactured from type 304 extruded tube.

Both types of the footrail are 50mm in diameter and supplied in 3 metre lengths with the standard fixing bracket  having an installed height of 150mm after being slotted into a 100mm deep socket on a 60mm dia. base. (Alternative bracket styles and heights are available on request.)

The socket allows easy and quick removal of the footrail system to cater for thorough and deep cleaning- However a “fixed” bracket can also be supplied when required.

A range of accessories and assorted floor bracket options can be chosen from to suit particular applications ensuring a comprehensive footrail and lower wall protection system can be provided to suit every need.

For more information on Yeoman Shield PVCu or Stainless Steel Footrails, or indeed any of the wall & door protection systems go to or call 0113 279 5854 to request a brochure.

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