New steel renovation window offers more choice than ever

by Laura

A perfect example of the slender steel glazing achieved with Janisol Arte – Photo: ©Jens Willebrand

Launched in the UK in 2011, the Janisol Arte steel renovation window system from Schueco Jansen won a coveted Gold Medal at France’s Batimat Exhibition in the same year. It is now to be found in use in refurbishment projects all over the UK.

Elegantly ‘retro’ in appearance thanks to its slender Bauhaus-type steel glazing, the Janisol Arte renovation window routinely achieves in older buildings the impressive ‘U’ values demanded by UK planning authorities for the fenestration included in new-build projects.

Indeed, its success is based upon its ability to satisfy the concerns of conservation officers in respect of Listed Buildings Consent while still meeting the strict energy-saving requirements contained in Part L of the Building Regulations.

Now a second version of Janisol Arte is being introduced into the UK and Schueco UK is confident that with its enhanced specification and improved performance characteristics, Janisol Arte 2.0 will prove to be an even more popular product than the original system.

Particular enhancements include an enlarged range of profiles with sight-lines from 25 mm and an expanded range of glazing bead shapes – right-angled, bevelled, scotia and flat, making it even easier to find an exact match for steel windows that are being replaced.

In addition, Janisol Arte 2.0 combines an improved aesthetic appearance with simpler fabrication techniques that make for faster manufacturing.

As an example of this, the time required to make a single casement vent has been reduced by up to 85%, meaning six and a half Janisol Arte 2.0 vents can be produced in the same time as it used to take to make one in the old system.

Even insulation is significantly better thanks to special new foam profiles located between the glass and the frame. Moreover, following the introduction of insert profiles – which also speed up fabrication – drainage has been made even more reliable.

New options include stainless steel (left) and Corten steel (right).

Importantly, the range of projects for which the Janisol Arte window is suitable has been expanded because it is now possible to add laser-welded profiles to standard Arte profiles to increase mullion spans for larger areas of fenestration.

Like its predecessor, the Janisol Arte 2.0 window will be available in all the conventional opening types commonly encountered in both pre- and post-war industrial buildings (see below).

However, maximum vent weights have increased to 150 kg as a result of the adoption of new 3D adjustable stainless steel hinges.

Another benefit of the new window is improved corrosion resistance because all Janisol Arte 2.0 profiles go through the latest ZF 100 galvannealed hot-dip process. This also results in enhanced processing weldability.

Finally, as well as standard, premium quality steel profiles, customers can specify Janisol Arte 2.0 profiles in high-grade austenitic 1.4401 stainless steel. A further new option is Corten steel, completing a specification that is thought to be unmatched by any other renovation window currently available.

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