New Wall Liner provides improved thermal performance for refurbishment of solid walls

by Laura

The A. Proctor Group has extended its range with an innovative new thin internal wall liner, which will significantly improve the thermal performance of solid wall dwellings.

Spacetherm WL (Wall Liner) is a high-performance laminate specifically designed to be fixed to the internal surfaces of existing solid walls without the need for mechanical fixings. Spacetherm WL consists of 10mm Spacetherm aerogel insulation blanket bonded to 3mm Magnesium Oxide Board (MgO), for use in applications where improved thermal performance is required with limited space.

Spacetherm WL can achieve similar performance to traditional plasterboard laminates, but at a fraction of the thickness, allowing greater flexibility for refurbishment projects. At just 13mm thick, in many cases, there is no need to remove skirting boards and cornices, saving time and cost.

Typically, a solid wall will have a U value of around 2.1 W/m2K. Following the application of Spacetherm WL this can be reduced to around 0.8 W/m2K, dependent on the wall
structure. Specific calculations can be provided upon request.

The Spacetherm WL system can be used with a variety of decorative finishes such as paint, wallpaper and tiles, and is easily installed in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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