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Mr Charles Adams of Ware in Hertfordshire is the latest convert – literally – to the multiple benefits of the pioneering HEATBANK® design which is the original pioneering multiple –source thermal storage system from Thermal Integration Ltd.  Put simply the definitive future means of cost effective and environmentally friendly energy utilisation.

Distributed by Specflue, the HEATBANK® basically consists of a high volume stainless steel cylinder of a notable 495 litre capacity – in which water is stored via a linked and streamlined tank so as to provide high flow rates of mains pressure hot water and a heat source for radiators. The energy is transferred by a plate heat exchanger system. The  power source in this case is an oil boiler with a possible future provision for solar panels on the thermal store tank – and the core connection links to the water and heating needs – including underfloor – of the 500 year old detached property which was formerly a Bed & Breakfast facility and is now an large family home attractively located and named as Orchard Cottage. The cylinder is simply tucked away within a neat cupboard.


As Charles is pleased to point out “I thoroughly researched the options via local specialist installers and I am very happy with the outcome of the project and they did a very good and clean job. Initially I took advantage of Thermal Integration’s free online System Designer service. This collects all relevant data and allows for an unlimited number of designs whilst automatically working out costs, renewables savings, carbon footprints and boiler and pump sizes. It selects the ideal products, designs the layout and generates a quotation even through to lists of installers and design information. We decided to introduce a wood stove unit with a back boiler to enhance the supply of hot water on demand and help reduce our oil usage and the ongoing problems of access and cost. The typical annual oil bills were in the region of £4,000 and I estimate savings of some 25-30% per annum equivalent to a complete tank of oil which equates to a rapid and effective payback with the major convenience of a totally integrated and enjoyable renewables system. The process from order to installation only took 10 days or so. The savings that have been made by using the wood stove combined with the HEATBANK® thermal store – in effect the oil central heating boiler and the wood stove with back boiler working together. We love the instant hot water, the means to link the wood burner, the flexibility in the summer and the compact footprint. There will be even more savings as we get used to the technology and we truly feel that we are offsetting the energy poverty factor”.  It is also worth mentioning that Charles is a very discerning customer being the proprietor of Morley Stoves in Ware which was established some 40 years ago and focuses on supplying and installing some 400 wood and multifuel stoves per year with the number of units with back boilers increasing annually so as to create a comforting ambience in both environment and cost terms.

On a user-friendly note the Specflue HEATBANK® will generate three times as much hot water per minute as a wall hung gas boiler.  The nature of the tall, slim design retains multi-layered heat on the simple basis of hottest at the top with connections fitted to where they offer maximum effect.

Customers will also enjoy the unrivalled benefit of a 25 year warranty backed by ongoing technical support and and advice.

For further details and consultation advice from Specflue please call 0800 9020220: email –sales@specflue.com  – or visit the graphic website at www.specflue.com

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