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Panasonic has developed a compact and easy-to-install Aquarea Bi-Bloc indoor cylinder unit called ‘All In One’ to help make installers’ jobs cheaper and easier. Its unique design ensures easy installation and maintenance, making it an excellent choice not only for installers, but also builders and homeowners who are keen to minimise the disruption in their property.

Panasonic Aquarea All In One Bi-Bloc cylinder unit’s seamless and compact design means it is relatively inconspicuous and able to fit into a space as narrow as 600mm. It avoids one of the common problems installers experience when installing other brands’ products in properties where space is limited. The piping is intelligently located at the bottom of the unit (allowing a gap of more than 15cm), with the electrical connections at the front of the unit.  This reduces the time it takes an installer to complete their job, and minimises the risk of damage to the property and unit.

The factory-fitted piping connections can dramatically reduce the time it takes to install a unit; therefore making the All In One an attractive choice for installation companies looking to maximise customer satisfaction, make efficiencies and reduce their labour costs. The main piping and electrical connections are covered, giving the unit a modern and slim appearance.

All In One includes a DHW 200-litre tank and Aquarea hydraulic module to heat water in a residential property.  The cylinder unit is encased in an insulating stainless steel tank to reduce energy loss and maximise efficiency.

The hydrokit is already connected to the tank, and includes built-in filters. These attributes also help make installation simpler. For properties under construction, a piping kit is available in order for the unit to be pre-mounted and fixed to the wall.

Marc Diaz, UK and Ireland Country Manager at Panasonic Heating and Cooling said: “Time is money for installers, so our aim is to make the installation process as streamlined and easy as possible.  The All In One unit minimises the time installers must spend on site. This new design also benefits the homeowner, thanks to the compact size of the unit and its connectivity options.”

Thanks to its highly-responsive heat surface exchange capabilities, the unit ensures fast and efficient hot water generation. Not only does this reduce the time it takes to heat up sanitary hot water, but it also helps to increase user-comfort as comfortable levels of heating throughout the home can be achieved and maintained very quickly. The Panasonic All In One range is super-energy-efficient and can reach 5 COP. The seven-speed A class pump provides flexibility, adapting to customer needs and preferences.


Panasonic All In One is available in several variants allowing it to fit within the specification of a range of properties and requirements. This single-phase system is available in units from 3 to 16kW. It is also available in the T-CAP range, ensuring 100% constant capacity down to -15ºC.

Panasonic All In One is designed to be able to incorporate a Heat Pump Manager, enabling control of two “heating zones”. Three remote control options are available to be installed in the All In One unit, including a new Aquarea remote control, Heat Pump Manager and external touch display which is available with the Heat Pump Manager.

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