by Jennifer Hamlin

The Permaseal BBA approved spray foam system can be applied to all types of roofing materials and structures. The polyurethane foam adheres directly to the substrate and reduces expansion and contraction of the structure. It forms a seamless weatherproof barrier stopping wind, driven rain, snow and dust and, because it contains no nutritive value, it will also prevent access to vermin and birds.

Once installed it also prevents and eliminates condensation. The solid and rigid spray foam roof membrane seals completely…no breaks or seams to split and come loose. The spray foam is ideal for both retrofit and new build applications and provides the best energy efficient, high performance, long term roofing solution currently available.


This Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly product which meets Part L of the Building Regulation Standards is used and endorsed by Local Councils, Health Authorities, the Agricultural sector, commerce, industry and the domestic user throughout the UK. It represents one of the best investments for the home, office, workshop or workplace currently available.

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All Permaseal installations are guaranteed. For an on-site survey, additional information and/or quotation please contact, Freephone 0800 048 3348.

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