Pixel Perfect: CGI Visualisation Services

by Laura

See your designs visualised before construction. We create photorealistic images and walkthrough animation presentations of your designs


Architectural Visualisations

We build 3D models of your designs, apply materials based on your specifications and add realistic lighting to generate renders that form the basis of the visualisation.

These models are rendered at High Resolution and complted in Post Production for colour correction, montaging and adding elements such as people.

Exterior and Interior Visualisations

Created using the CGI technique described above and are photorealistic images that represent architects designs to scale and with all specified material definitions and lighting.

Advertising Illustrations

Created for advertising agencies and clients. They may represent a product, design or a brand in any scene imaginable


These are visualisation images that combine photographs with CGI scenes. So for example, an exterior visualisation photomontage would involve a photograph of the existing development site combined with a rendered image of the 3D CAD model we create from the architects plans/drawings.

The rendered image of the CAD model is camera matched with the site photograph so the correct perspective is achieved and the final image is photorealistic and authentic.

Verified Views

Often required for planning, where a proposed development is contentious for a reason, such as concerns over its visual impact on the surrounding environment. Verified Views follow the same process as CGI image creation and Photomontage, but are verified with Surveyed Data that is mathematically accurate to the cm and represents an exact image of the developments scale and impact.

Walkthrough Animations

We use the 3D CAD models of your design and plot a camera path through or around them. We then render the camera path frame by frame to produce animations as seen in our showreel section.

Broadcast Commercials, Titles & Deomonstration Animations

Pixel Perfect produce full broadcast commercials, Programme Titles and Logo Sequences in 1080p HD Format.

Cut-Through & Technical Images 

Scenes or products shown with sections removed to show partial or full internal views as desired for illustrative purposes.

3D CAD Modeling 

We take any design, architectural or product and generate a wireframe 3D model to scale with the correct texturing to match all intended finishes.


Pixel Perfect can supply site or product photoraphy as required.

360′ Panoramic Interactive Images 

Offering the ability to interactively look around an internal or external space. Whilst looking at the image a viewer can use the mouse or keys to shift the camera view 360 degrees from a single pivot point, allowing views of the entire space. Hot points can also be configured that allow a viewer to click for further information on specific areas, such as fixtures and furniture descriptions, as well as jumping to another viewpoint to look at the scene from another position.

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