PPC remedies poorly painted floor

by Laura

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The Preparation Group’s contracting division, PPC, specialists in solutions for surface preparation, removal and finishing, were contracted to help refurbish the Sobraon Barracks storeroom. The team used its heavy duty Terrco® 701-S Grinding & Polishing machine to remove layers of old floor paint that hadn’t adhered properly, because the original background surface hadn’t been correctly prepared.

Preparation is critical to prevent a new floor from failing. Newly laid concrete will have a layer of what is termed laitance, or ‘fat’, on the surface which has to be removed to enable a floor paint, resin, coating etc. to adhere to it.Removing the paint and laitence 2 smallTerrco 701-S

On this project, the 160m2 area comprising of two rooms, was ground using the Terrco® machine to remove the paint and the underlying concrete laitance, with a hand-held grinder completing the edge detail. The Terrco® 701-S machine is easy to control and manoeuvre and effortlessly glides across the surface due to its contra-rotating heads.

The preparation by PPC’s team took one day and delivered a clean ‘profiled’ surface suitable for the application of a new non-slip grey paint.The finished result - anti-slip grey paint - smallThe Preparation Group is an expert in assessing projects and identifying options to remove or prepare the relevant surface, before its contracting team carry out works. Key services include; cleaning concrete, removing lines and paint, reducing levels, removing screeds and coatings, re-instating anti-slip, removal of carpet, vinyl and ceramic flooring, steel preparation and floor polishing. The team is also qualified in the removal of asbestos, still found in many pre-1986 buildings, where it is mixed with cement or present as particles in tile/sheet flooring and flooring adhesives. The company often works in partnership with material manufacturers and flooring contractors.

Contracting services

A vast array of surface preparation, removal and finishing techniques can be employed. The main methods are; shotblasting, planing, grinding, multi-stripping and cleaning with the type, size and power requirements of the machine chosen determining production rates achievable, together with the accessories selected and the nature, thickness and composition of the material to be removed. All equipment Is attached to either a filtration unit or industrial vacuum to minimise dust contamination.

The Preparation Group’s operatives are NVQ qualified and highly skilled, supervisors and site managers are accredited and competent in dealing with the most demanding site conditions. The company has a proven record for Health & Safety and is an accredited CHAS member.

In addition to its contracting services, The Preparation Group offer a wide range of equipment for sale or hire, machine servicing, training and technical advice.

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Equipment is designed and built at The Preparation Group’s workshop or sourced from renowned experts with the benefit of having been tried and tested in the most demanding site conditions. The company’s equipment and tools are developed to be high performance, tough, efficient, reliable, low maintenance and to feature simple controls.

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