PROSHIELD XT Masonry Treatment

by Laura


“Planning authorities and construction professionals should be considering new procedures and technologies to help protect building structures from the damaging effects of extreme weather events”

For all building structures, excessive moisture is the root cause of many mechanisms that can compromise mineral building materials. The porous nature of brick and mortar soak up water via capillary suction, leading to discolouration, mold problems and at worst, failure of the substrate. Water penetrating in this way may also contain contaminants, adding to the damaging effects.

ProShield XT is a water repellent masonry treatment that is quick and easy to apply. It provides breathable, invisible protection from damaging water ingress. As well as maintaining building structures, ProShield XT has the added advantage of increasing the thermal efficiency of treated homes – at a fraction of the cost of more elaborate solutions. One coat is all that is needed.

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