Residence 9’s Window Designer helps installers sell colour choice

by Laura

Residence 9 (R9) has added a Window Designer feature to its website. R9 is the high quality system that makes windows the way they’re meant to be. Homeowners can choose a property similar to their own in style and see the transformation with R9 windows. It’s available to use now at

Sixty percent of R9 windows are a colour other than Grained White so homeowners and installers will find Window Designer very useful. It enables homeowners to try different colour combination windows on a home that is similar to theirs. They can see what it will look like from the comfort of their own home. When they submit their design, it is sent directly to R9 and to their own email address, so they can refer to it later. Homeowners are then prompted to use the postcode search on the website to get quotes from their local R9 installers.

R9’s Window Designer is a powerful sales tool for installers

R9’s Window Designer is a powerful sales tool for installers

Managing Director Dan Gill says: “The new Window Designer lets homeowners see what their home will look like with R9 windows.

“It’s also a powerful sales tool for R9 installers to use with homeowners,” continues Dan. “It’ll help homeowners visualise their homes with new R9 windows so they can choose the best colour options more confidently.

“It’s much easier to talk about windows when you can visualise the final product,” adds Dan. “They’re a significant investment, so confidence is even more important. Using Window Designer homeowners can ‘stand back’ and really see the difference R9 makes to their home, not just close up in a showroom.”

To try Window Designer for yourself or find out more about Residence 9 visit, follow @residence9 or search #R9Journey.

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