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Rinnai, one of the global leaders in tankless hot water heating units with group sales approaching £2Billion, is introducing one of its bestselling products into the UK merchant network. The Rinnai HD50i is a heavy duty high efficiency continuous flow water heater with minimal gas consumption in comparison to more traditional methods of delivering hot water in commercial applications.

“We are a leader in the manufacture of hot water heating units to all sizes of sites –  from the biggest hotels or sports complexes though to up-market residential sites, “ says Managing Director Tony Gittings. “We have identified a gap in our route to market and have formulated a programme of utilising the merchant network. Those participating merchants will receive all the marketing support, for the ‘pull-through’, expected from a major multi-national company such as Rinnai. In the autumn we will announce a marketing initiative which will be aimed at incentivising the installer to use the merchant network for this particular product.”

Mr Gittings adds, “The Rinnai HD50i Internal water heater is a wall hung, gas fired, continuous flow water heater capable of producing hot water at 780 litres per hour at a 50°C rise. The HD50i has a 125mm concentric flue which can be extended up to 15m, less 1m per 45° bend.

The unit is compact, reliable and the HD50i operates between 1-10 bar pressure, which is suitable for mains cold water supply and systems with boost pumps. Incoming water temperatures of up to 60°C are accepted, making the HD50i suitable for secondary return systems.

Rinnai Heavy Duty continuous flow gas fired water heaters feature outputs up to 69kW and water can be delivered at high volume and importantly with very precise temperature control. The smart digital controller regulates to within +/- 1ºC without any variation of temperature should other water draw offs be made. All models have full electronic ignition with no pilot light and operate on demand only, consuming no gas when not in use.

The Rinnai HD50i is a fully modulating 54kW unit that can also be installed in a manifold arrangement. This ensures that the system can and will meet any hot water demand at all peak times, no matter what the demand.

Typical applications include major restaurant chains, industry and offices, hotels and hospitality, sports centres, schools and any other educational establishments, sports clubs, shower blocks in holiday parks – anywhere with a need for reliable supplies of hot water to be delivered economically at energy efficiency levels that surpass those specified by relevant building regulations and pending European standards.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit: www.rinnaiuk.com


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