Rug Designer, we design and manufacture hand made rugs.

by Laura

Rug Designer (, is a London based bespoke rug company. We design and manufacture hand made rugs for commercial and private use. Our design team will create the artwork taking a concept or idea to final sign off artwork.  We offer a high quality product at a competitive price.

Our website provides an interactive experience. Customers are able to manipulate designs live online, changing colours and dimensions with ease.  It’s simple, fun to use and we have a lot of designs to choose from: floral motifs, linear and paint splattered effects etc.  If a customer has their own design we have an in-house design team that will work with them, using their images, fabric swatches, pantone colours etc, and a final jpeg image will be created for their sign-off before the rug is manufactured.

We can work on large scale projects, images below are from a Department store in St Petersburg we did in 2012 and they have since come back to us requesting more rugs, we’re also happy to accommodate small one off orders and offer a sampling service.

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