Screedflo Acoustic floor system and liquid screed

by Laura

Screedflo liquid screed is a CE certified product comprising anhydrite binder mixed with selected sharp sand and water. It can be installed at a depth of 40mm, or 50mm with under floor heating. Screedflo Extra can be laid on timber floors as it has a high flexural strength.

In addition to using liquid screed on timber floors the Screedflo dB acoustic floor system, which comprises of a 24mm Screedflo dBoard, a 10mm dBfoam and an edge isolation system, provides a floor which performs like a solid concrete floor in a lightweight structure.Screedflo dB is the product of an intensive industry wide development programme, jointly funded by the major joist manufacturers and Screedflo Ltd, to provide a high quality, cost effective, acoustic solution for party floors.

Screedflo dB can be used with both I beams and steel lattice joists in masonry, timber frame or steel frame, and with solid timber in renovation work

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